Barry O’Brien

As part of his community involvement, Barry O’Brien wrote the following email on the Lake Promenade Co-Tenancy Project.

Barry O'Brien
Barry O’Brien

From: Barry O’Brien <>
Sent: 26 mai 2023 20:21
To: Councillor Morley <>
Subject: 220 Lake Prom

Hi Amber.  I am a resident of 194 Lake Promenade. My wife and family have lived in our house for 23 years. We can’t express to you what a bizarre and misguided proposal 220 Lake Prom is. Lake Promenade is a pedestrian thoroughfare. During Covid, the city in its wisdom recognized that and made Lake Prom into a quiet street for walking and biking.

This was wise as in our area there are NO sidewalks.

I can’t imagine how dangerous this development will be for members of our community and the thousands upon thousands of people who walk and bike on the waterfront trail. Already the area just 100 yards to the west of us just prior to 230 lake prom is a hotspot for killed pets, missed turns onto lawns and near pedestrian carnage (hard left turn downhill with no sidewalks).

I want to be clear Long Branch is Not Humber Bay shores. This is a residential community. 2x 30 Storey Towers is completely crazy.

I am not adverse to development. Indeed, I am pro development and believe that this site should be developed, but the vision for this site needs to be scaled back considerably to recognize its place in our community.

Again. 2 x 30 story towers is an incredibly bad idea.

Hoping for your leadership in this matter.

Barry O’Brien
194 Lake Promenade
Toronto, ON
M8W 1A8