Mike Lecky

As part of his community involvement, Mike Lecky sent the following email to Toronto City Councillor Amber Morley on the Lake Promenade Co-Tenancy Project.

From: Mike Lecky <mjlecky@gmail.com>
Sent: 10 mars 2024 14:40
To: councillor_morley@toronto.ca
Subject: Development Applications for 220, 230, 240 Lake Promenade and 21, 31 Park Boulevard

Hi Councillor Morley,

As a 20 -year ratepayer on 5 Dominion Road, I’m writing in opposition of the proposed development application for properties in the subject line.

Here are my concerns and comments:

  1. This property is rental property today.  I do not agree with changing it to condominiums.   This is not a solution to the housing issue both you and our mayor have aimed to address. The improved tax base is luring but really not materially significant when considering the larger metro budget.  Changing the land use from rental to condominiums is not in the city’s or this community’s best interests.  The current renters, despite the processes the city has in place to manage their transition, will suffer.
  2. The community of Long Branch will suffer. The developer’s proposal is audacious!  Increasing from approximately 550 to 2550 units at the foot of 30th Street must violate several urban architectural best practices and city plans/policies, etc… including but not limited to:  density, height, traffic, safety, access, street parking, traffic, school zones, green space.   Safety on these roads with primary school children everywhere and a school is a clear factor!
  3. Long Branch trees There must be at least 50 mature indigenous trees amid the existing rental buildings.  The city’s work to keep the trees of Long Branch free from cutting by home owners and developers has been commendable!!! It would be very unfair if any developer received any difference in the rules and protocols which others (home owners and developers of smaller properties) have experienced.  Taking down mature trees that are here is pretty much taboo in this neighborhood as far as the city and the community has been concerned.

As this developer’s file/application progresses, I kindly request there be at least another in-person public hearing for community members to fully express their concerns on progressions since the last.  The last ( 5 July 2023) was limited.  Responses by the developer and city left everyone unclear on where this application may land and the trajectory of this project.  The community clearly did not respond favorably and deserves a higher degree of communication and input.  I’m not aware of a record of the meeting or the follow-on actions or progressions by the city or developer resulting from this public session.

In closing, Long Branch, like the Beach, Danforth, Forest Hill and several others, has a unique identity adding to the richness that Toronto offers.  We risk that with this highly impactful development.

I understand and support progress but, please, do not allow such a development to have such obviously negative impacts on our community. 

Thank you for your consideration and support,

Mike Lecky, P.Eng

5 Dominion Road


-Senior Planner Eno Rebecca Udoh-Orok

-Several community stakeholders which I’m aware who have also expressed concerns about the project via email.