Jean-Luc Marchessault

As part of his community involvement, he wrote the following email on the Lake Promenade Co-Tenancy Project.

Jean-Luc Marchessault
Jean-Luc Marchessault

From: Jean-Luc Marchessault <
Sent: November 21, 2023
Subject: Real Estate Project of Lake Promenade Co-tenancy

To City Councillor Amber Morley ( and City Planner Eno Rebecca Udoh-Orok (

I live on 36th Street, in Toronto. I would like to share with you my position regarding the real estate project of the Lake Promenade Co-Tenancy group.

I believe that the owners of the five buildings should not demolish them but renovate them. If owners are authorized to construct new buildings, they should not exceed seven floors in order to respect the residential character of the neighborhood.

If the property owners are allowed to build buildings higher than the seven-storey maximum, the inconvenience to residents throughout the entire area, from 23rd Street to 42nd Street, will be such that residential taxes should be frozen for the 13 years planned for the demolition of the present buildings and the construction of the new buildings.

Finally, to ensure the safety of walkers and cyclists on the Trans-Canada Trail, the project must not provide direct access for automobiles to Lake Promenade.

For your information, I am sharing with you the following Internet link which leads to the news about the rejection by the Oakville Municipal Council of a 4-storey real estate project because it did not correspond to the residential character of the neighborhood:

Jean-Luc Marchessault