Eileen & Livio Mokorich

As part of their community involvement, Livio & Eileen Mokorich sent the following email to Toronto City Councillor Amber Morley on the Lake Promenade Co-Tenancy Project.

Subject: Lake Promenade Development
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2023 22:01:14 +0000
From: Eileen Mokorich <eileen.mokorich@hotmail.com>

Livio & Eileen Mokorich

To: Councillor_Morley@toronto.ca <Councillor_Morley@toronto.ca>
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To Councillor Morley,

I am writing to express my opposition to the proposed development on Lake Promenade & Park Blvd. My husband and I have lived in Long Branch since May 1973, first living at 240 Lake Promenade & then 21 Park Blvd Before moving to our current address on Twenty Seventh St in December 1977. We have paid many thousands of dollars over all these years to enjoy living here.

First, we were inundated with the lot -splitting fiasco creating houses with very little living space. Over the years, industry moved out,
due to the high taxes & we, the residents, picked up the slack.

This proposed development shows the usual lack of proper planning. The existing complex blends harmoniously into a beautiful pristine environment. When we lived there, it was like living in a resort. Now you plan to put 30 storey buildings up with cramped living quarters blocking out the minimal parkland & view of the lake for the residents that live nearby. The current apartments (though old) are affordable for those who live there & have always been affordable housing. Is that not what politicians always seem to profess these days? Could the current apartments not be renovated or re-built in the existing footprints, rather than torn down, upsetting the whole neighbourhood?
Uprooting current residents (who likely will not be able to afford these “so called affordable units” is clearly harsh & inhumane.

Where are the schools, churches & infrastructure being built to support the influx of residents and added traffic to the area? Does Toronto ever have any planning in place? Why are these massive proposals introduced when many people will be away & unable to fight them?
This seems to be the “modus operando ” that comes across as underhanded & contrived to prevent many from speaking up. I have been privy to this many times over these years.

There is absolutely no rational reason that everyone coming to live in Canada is assured that they will live in Toronto, the most expensive city. Consideration must be given to try to preserve some places for the next generations, instead of allowing blatant greed to rule overall.
Canada is a huge country. Don’t put everyone in Toronto unless you intend for Toronto to turn into a New York City.

Please abort this plan and introduce a better one that it more thought out and more considerate to the current residents who reside at these addresses & those of us who continue to support our still beautiful community.

Eileen & Livio Mokorich
33 Twenty Seventh Street
M8W 2X2