Eileen & John Sakal

As part of their community involvement, Eileen & John Sakal sent the following email to Toronto City Councillor Amber Morley on the Lake Promenade Co-Tenancy Project.

From: Eileen & John Sakal

To: Councillor Morley <councillor_morley@toronto.ca>

Sent: June 27, 2023

Subject: Lake Promenade Co-Tenancy

Hi Councillor Morley,

Regarding the Lake Promenade Co-Tenancy and Compten Management Inc. redevelopment on Lake Promenade and Park Boulevard, we oppose their plan because it will be the largest demoviction in Canadian history, because it will impact our life by shading our home and garden and cause a great change to the neighbourhood, not to mention the years of demolition and construction dust and noise.

None of this will be as great as the destructive impact on the current residents.

We suggest that the ownership of the 5 buildings should scale down their plan from thirty storeys to eight and, furthermore, they shall provide equal housing at the same rent as their tenants now pay. This will be mandatory in their building permit.

We believe that there is little chance of stopping the owners because of the current political climate and need for inscreased housing.  The owners will use the argument of the need for more housing to line their pockets with gold. They will use the housing shortage as a diversion, a red herring, a false flag argument to win their case.

In solidarity.

Eileen & John Sakal

136 Lake Promenade

Toronto M8W 1A5