Ruth Snowden

As part of her community involvement, Ruth Snowden wrote the following email on the Lake Promenade Co-Tenancy Project

From: Ruth Snowden <>

Ruth Snowden

To: Councillor Morley <>

Cc: <>

Sent: Tuesday, June 6, 2023 at 11:18:32 a.m. EDT

Subject: Lake Promenade Co-Tenancy Project: 220, 230 and 240 Lake Promenade and 21 and 31 Park Boulevard.

Dear Councillor Morley;

Affordable housing is critically important to the growth, safety and security of the city of Toronto and to our neighbourhood of Long Branch.  The proposed Lake Promenade Co-Tenancy Project will eliminate some +540 ‘more’ affordable, rent-controlled, tree-surrounded‘ housing units. The plan apparently is to replace these rental apartments with ‘market priced’ rental units and add some1,440 condominiums – none of which will be affordable or tree-shaded.

It is highly irresponsible of the City of Toronto to allow such eviction from affordable housing and replacement with expensive housing as detailed in the proposed plan.

Additionally, I add my voice to those who have outlined other concerns and serious impacts on the neighbourhood of Long Branch including:

– A nearly incomprehensible, 292-page Transportation Study, part of which was conducted in August 2022 when schools are closed, people are on vacation and which seems to think that thousands of new residents and cars will have no impact on congestion in the area.  (We already have weekly serious traffic accidents at 37th and Lakeshore Blvd.) And on street parking. And on safety. Really?

– Cutting down mature trees (replaced with saplings that may never grow to heights necessary for canopy recovery)

– Water, sewers, sidewalks, schools, green space, air quality, Lake Promenade cyclists & pedestrians

– Shade from 30 story towers

Please, you cannot allow this development travesty.

Ruth Snowden and Jonathan Chevreau

22 Thirty Sixth Street, Etobicoke, ON M8W 3K9