Mohammed Mia

As part of his community involvement, Mohammed Mia wrote the following email on the Lake Promenade Co-Tenancy Project.

From: Mohammed Mia <>
Sent: June 24, 2023 1:58 PM
To: Eno (Rebecca) Udoh-Orok <>
Subject: Public Consultation Comments – 23 134668 WET 03 OZ

Application Address: 220 LAKE PROMENADE
Application Number: 23 134668 WET 03 OZ

Comment: I have multiple concerns which I include the density, height, and traffic consideration. Additionally, the capacity of public services (schools, libraries etc ) will be severely strained. As well, there is absolutely no assurance or guaranty for affordable housing for the existing tenants given that they’re currently protected by rent controls. The traffic on Lake Promenade and neighbouring streets will overwhelm and already busy streets. The proposal will increase, significantly the number of high prices condominiums. The rentals units will provide no comfort to those in the lower income brackets. The height of the proposed towers is of great concern. It will alter and impact, negatively, the surrounding neighborhood. I have more to add.

I consent to the disclosure of this comment sheet containing my name, address and comments to the respective Ward Councillor for the purpose of communicating with me about this planning matter.

Please ensure that my name is on the City Clerk’s Office mailing list for this planning matter.

User Name: Mohammed F Mia
Mailing Address: 202 Lake Promenade
User Email: